CWB Structural Steel Welder Testing Centre

Book your CWB welding test here at B.C. Welder Test Centre. We are located at 580 Ebury Place, Delta (Annacis Island), BC V3M 6M8.

Procedure for Booking your CWB Welder Test:
Call 1 800 562 2404 extension 1
Please have the following information ready when booking:

  • First name, middle initial, last name
  • Contact phone number
  • Who is paying, welder or company?
  • Which process is welder testing for: SMAW (stick) – FCAW (flux/wire) – GMAW (mig)

Payment Options:
Call the office and pay with your credit card.
E-Transfer to:
No password required, just your name and CWB.

Cost For each Process

Personal Testers (includes CWB authorization fees)

One test plate – check test


Two test plates


Three test plates


Four test plates – full test


Pre-test(booth rental)




Weekly booth rental